zaDear Families,
We welcome you and your child to Kiddieland Educational Center of Excellence where children, parents, and staff are cherished! Our Center is not only a State-of the- Art child care center offering quality care and education to children; it is a community within itself. Our school is devoted on setting our children on a path for success. Kiddieland ECE gives your child a strong foundation on which to start building a lifetime of learning and leadership. Our eco-friendly classrooms are fully designed to unfold the children’s own educational potential and their way to express themselves.
A decision regarding early care and education is possibly one of the most important decisions that families will make for their children in their primary years. Kiddieland Educational Center of Excellence is committed, passionate, and sincere in our quest to provide the best for every child that becomes part of our family. We invite you to come visit us so that you may see firsthand the wonderful interactions and opportunities we provide for children each day! We would like our families to feel comfortable knowing that their children are enrolled in one of the finest early childhood programs in the City of Chicago where children learn and parents connect. But best of all, we feel pride knowing that we are playing a small role in the development of the future generation of this Great Country.
It is our sincere hope that you select us to enlighten the life of your child by integrating Intelligence plus Character as a goal for each child’s true education.

Thank you for choosing us. Thank you for sharing your child with us and entrusting us with your greatest treasure.

Best Regards,

Zarahi Menendez
Center Director