KECE II Summer Camp 2017 Letter & Calendar

Dear Families,

As the school year draws to a close I would like to express my appreciation to all the Kiddieland ECE II families that have helped us excel this past school year! I would like to especially recognize all of the moms/dads/grandparents/aunts who participated in the planting event for our Green Playground fence planters. We had such an impressive turnout! Our mother’s day gardening will conclude with the installment of some new outdoor planters as well as our vegetable and herb gardens with help from our students. The contribution of the green and blooming foliage to the Kiddieland ECE II playground continues to be recognized by our community. This event is now an annual tradition for us!

PARENT COLLABORATION is essential for Kiddieland to promote the partnership between home and school.

Therefore, I would like to remind families of our ‘open door policy’ and to participate in classrooms, during special activities or events, building on that strong connection between home and school.

Summer is finally approaching and Kiddieland ECE II students are counting down the days. Summer Camp at KIDDIELAND ECE II allows the children to “break away” leaving them with a rejuvenated feeling before their return to structured activities during the school year. Our summer program is focused on keeping your child learning with an all-day, all-fun program. They are provided with opportunities to invent their own projects, express their inner artist in various forms, be physically motivated, and learn new skills. The schedule is flexible and offers enough security, independence, and stimulation to meet the needs of each child.

KIDDIELAND ECE II offers a variety of unique and exciting Enrichment Camps and Special Interest Clubs to inspire and educate the camper. Enrichment camps will enhance your child’s summer experiences and the Special Interest Clubs provide much creativity and variety involving both indoor and outdoor activity with the use of large and small motor skills.

A few of our 2017 special interests will include:

  • Animals and Habitats Explorations        ●  Stretch n Grow Exercise
  • Creative Movement                              ●  Art in the Park
  • Chef and Kitchen Culinary Arts              ●  Kiddieland ECE Waterpark Fun


  1. For safety and security reasons, please know that we have limited the number of major outings as we prefer to keep the children within the Kiddieland ECE II building, playground, or in facilities which house smaller capacities.
  2. We will utilize our beautiful and safe playground for all of our onsite entertainment, sand and water play, and picnics. As always with our open door policy, we welcome parents/guardians to participate in our activities, visit our shows, and serve as chaperones.
  3. As this is the traditional time for movement in our industry we have many new families looking for full-time childcare arrangements for the fall. Our waiting list is growing every day; now is the time to secure your spot. Please approach either myself or Ms. Letcie Torres should you have any changes in your childcare enrollment prior to May 31, 2017. 

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Because the majority of our activities will begin early, we ask that all children be in attendance no later than 9:00 am. Remember if the children arrive after 9:00 am. a doctor’s note should be provided.
  2. Children arriving after 9:00 am on an offsite activity day will not be accepted and cannot attend camp that day.
  3. Remember all children enrolled have breakfast included as long as they arrive before 8:30 am. Reminder: no outside food or drinks are allowed.
  4. Please, dress your child comfortably so that he or she may take advantage of all learning opportunities, indoors and outdoors. Your child should wear clothing that is washable and adaptable to food spills, paint and water play.
  5. No flip-flops will be allowed.
  6. Hats may not be worn inside of the Kiddieland ECE building.
  7. Please provide a labeled Ziploc bag with a full change of summer clothing, including socks and water shoes to be left in your child’s cubbies. Please remove current winter clothing.
  8. All children are required to have their own labeled sunblock.

Tuition and Fees

  1. Summer Camp Registration/Enrichment Fee which will cover all field trip admissions, bus rentals, in-house presentations, and programs is $50.00 per child per month in addition to the KECE II monthly tuition. Summer Camp Registration/Enrichment Fees will be due on the following dates: June 1st, July 1st and August 1st, 2017.
  2. As noted on our parent handbook and website, tuition charges will be increased effective July 1, 2017. A 5% increase will be reflected on your July 1, 2017,  Tuition charges are as follows:
    Age 5 Days/Week
    (Per Day)
    4 Days/Week
    (Per Day)
    3 Days/Week
    (Per Day)
    6 wks to 14 months 77 81 90
    15 to 24 months 60 63 69
    2 years old 51 55 59
    3 years old 44 47 52
    4 years old 43 46 50
    5 years old 43 46 50
    6 to 12 years old 39 42 45

    The summer camp calendar is linked here, Click Here to Download the KECE II Summer Camp 2017 Calendar. Note: Activities are subject to change due to weather conditions or availability. Kiddieland ECE II may substitute activities if necessary. If you are available to help or have any questions, please contact either myself or Ms. Letcie Torres.

    Samantha Cohen
    Program Director