KECE I Fall 2017 Letter & Calendar


Summer camp is soon to end and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with your children during this time. As always, we feel we have learned so much from your children and hope that they have had as much fun as we have. We adhered to the summer camp calendar with the exception of circumstances beyond our control or those involving inclement weather. During our activities, we have used different types of materials including dough (pizza, cupcakes, cookies, breads,) felt (pillow making), paints (piñata day), inks (tie dye), and recyclable materials for various art projects including the new beautiful totem poles currently on display in the playground. Co-operative play was evident in many activities involving indoor and outdoor games, and team play. All of our playground activities (Stretch-N-Grow, ladder ball, bag toss, ring toss, water activities) and park activities (soccer, basketball, parachute games, and kickball) involved the use of fine and gross motor skills. Our children enjoyed field trips, entertainment shows, music and singing, and so much more. We were entertained by farm animals, a marionette, musicians and look forward to our Barnum and Bailey’s circus juggler/unicyclist. The kids went wild for our Gigantic Inflatable Water Slide. As always, we are happy to have parents and family members volunteer for not only special events but throughout the entire year. We thank all of our parent and family member chaperones and volunteers, who helped make this summer an unforgettable experience for our little treasures. We appreciate your cooperation and support of Kiddieland ECE.

For our upcoming fall semester, we expect to work hard and have some fun as we welcome back familiar faces and meet some new friends. We welcome all our new students, families, and staff members. Our School year will have three components with different goals and objectives. First, Fall (from September 1st to December 22nd), second Spring (from January 3rd to May 31, 2018) and Summer (from June 4th to August 31, 2018). As we approach the beginning of the school year, the following information should assist you in planning.
Below is a link for a copy of the Fall 2017 calendar with school closure dates, vacations, holidays, early dismissal days, and special event days; if necessary, emergency days may need to be added.
Please note that during the school year ALL students must arrive no later than 9:00 a.m.

Rather than asking parents to complete new enrollment forms for the school year, we are instead asking parents to review their child’s current file by Friday September 22, 2017 to confirm addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, authorized adults for child pick-up, and medical information. Also, any children in the Tutoring/Afterschool Program must complete a new “Authorization For School Pick-Up Form” before we can drive or pick up your children from our local public schools.
We ask that you pay close attention to your email and our website for all of our school announcements, calendar, menus, and all activities. We are pleased to announce that German class will once again be taught by Ms. Julia Klein on Mondays and our Music class has been subcontracted to Rock N Kids and will be held on Tuesdays. The schedule for specialty classes can be found on the lower portion of the Fall 2017 Calendar.

As previously announced, Kiddieland ECE continues to work on remodeling our next door building to accommodate an indoor playground and a new classroom. This addition will allow for Kiddieland ECE to expand and create an infant classroom, Learning Bambini. The waiting list for this classroom continues to grow so we encourage families to sign up with Mrs. Lea Gambino as soon as possible to secure enrollment.

As security is always a priority, we ask that you not share your keyless entry code with anyone and most importantly, do not allow anyone to piggyback into the building on your code. As stated in the parent manual, there is a fine for sharing your keyless entry code with anyone. Please remember that this is for the safety of your children. Also, it is necessary that parents/guardians always sign children in and out each morning and evening.
Again, welcome to a new school year, we thank you for the confidence you show in us by entrusting us with your children. We look forward to another successful school year! In order to welcome the new school year as well as celebrate the second anniversary of Kiddieland ECE II, we invite you to join us for our Back to School Potluck on Friday, September 15th between 3:30 pm-5:30 pm. Please save the date and we will provide you with additional details soon.

• For the safety of your young child, we would like parents to remember that children who are unable to tie their shoes, should only wear shoes without laces.
• Children should arrive to Kiddieland ECE before 9:00 AM but no later than 10:00 AM unless Kiddieland ECE is previously notified and arrives with a doctor’s note.
• If children are not here during breakfast time, lunch time, or snack time, make sure he/she has ate before coming. Otherwise they will have to wait until the next meal time. (Please refer to the Daily Schedule for this information)
• All food prepared and served in Kiddieland ECE are to be consumed in the classroom due to our food program requirements.
• There is no outside food/drink allowed in the center. Parents should wait with children in the car until they finished with their food/ drink and then bring them inside.
• All children should arrive each day with his/her nails trimmed, to avoid accidents.
• Please call the center and let us know when and why children will be absent.
• Please ensure your child’s cubby/basket is updated with clothes needed for the following fall season.
• We ask all families to update your child’s information form with Mrs. Lea Gambino by Friday September 22, 2017. It is imperative for your child’s folder to hold current and updated information. All children’s physical forms must be up to date with all vaccinations and tests.
• There is a $50.00 materials fee due at the beginning of the school year (September 1st or prior to). This fee will be included on the September tuition statement. If there are any questions, please ask Ms. Dulce Pauta.

The Fall 2017 calendar is linked here, Click Here to Download the Revised KECE I Fall 2017 Calendar

Mrs. Zarahi Menendez
Program Director