Our Facility
Is a “State of the Art” Educational Center. From the moment, visitors walk in the door at Kiddieland ECE, they know they are in a special place. A place that nurtures and respects children, an entire community developed for, and committed to guiding children in 2their discovery of the world and themselves.
Each classroom’s environment is designed with nature in mind where wood colors and natural lights enhance learning experiences. Temperature controlled classrooms, appropriate seating arrangements, toys, variety of materials, computer stations, music versatility and much more, make learning a fascinating event. Our interior natural environment is cleaned and sanitized with eco-friendly products only. We use recycled materials and natural elements for our projects. Our bathroom facilities are designed to accommodate all children’s individual needs with modern age-appropriate sinks and toilets.

Our outdoor Green Park is equipped with modern interactive play structures and surfaces. This also serves as a link between the inside and the outside environments of the school. It offers plenty of open space to allow small and large muscle development with designated gross motor, fine motor, music and art stations within the play area which can be utilized all year round. This eco-friendly playground brings the Reggio philosophy out doors and teaches children the importance of sustainability as well as reaping the benefits of organic gardening. With our Organic Garden we bring nature into play by 2allowing children to learn the basics of organic gardening, the patience of the growing process, and ultimately the benefits of growing healthy and nutritious fruit and vegetables.

At Kiddieland ECE we understand the importance of providing children with healthy choices and good nutrition as the foundation for the development of healthy and happy children. All our hot meals and snacks are freshly prepared daily in our own fully equipped kitchen.

We also have the Atelier, one of the primary innovations of the Reggio Approach. It is the school studio, laboratory, and observatory where children can appreciate and learn about nature. The Atelier is a place for experimentation with separate or combined visual languages, either in isolation or in combination with verbal ones. The Atelier is equipped with clay, wire, paint, pens, paper, beads, and shells. Along with a variety of recycled and natural materials which are used by the children in short- and long-term projects with the purpose of expressing the “hundred languages” of children.