Children’s first day away from their parents can be unpredictable, for the child as well as the parents. Some of the most common reactions to a child’s first days could be crying, clinging, screaming, and refusal to eat/sleep. There may also be changes of behavior, temper, or sleep pattern even at home. Experiences will vary from child to child. However, our professional faculty is well trained and will ensure a comforting welcome.
There are many things that can be done to promote a smoother transition, such as:
• Prior to the first day as well as on the first day, take a tour of the classroom with your child and have them interact with the teachers and the other children. During this process, being accompanied by their parents will help the child feel secure and get accustomed to the environment and many new faces.
• Having a comfort object, like a blanket, stuffed animal, or family photograph, etc, could help.
• Remember to make the first day an exciting and positive experience with phrases such as: “Tomorrow is the big day, you will meet all your new friends, you’re going to have fun, you’re a big boy/girl now”
• After saying goodbye to your child, reassure them that you will be back and will not be gone for long.
• Always leave with a smile. Body language is primary in communication with your child.
• Once you’ve left the classroom, resist the temptation to walk back in soon after or look through the window. The child may get upset if they see you however you are unreachable.
• If you are concerned if your child has settled in, please call and we will be happy to update you about the status of your child.

Kiddieland ECE has a transition process when a child moves to an upper classroom that will have the child visit their new classroom for a period of time on a regular basis. The length of this process can vary from child to child and continues until the child feels comfortable in their new classroom.
Please approach the teacher and ask how you can assist in making these First Days memorable.