Our Curriculum

Is a combination between Creative curriculum and The Reggio Emilia Philosophy of education that builds upon the children’s needs and interests. Children’s learning is based on their interests as well as the teachers, while always remaining with the spirit of the child. Knowledge is “pulled out of children” and built-upon. It is an age appropriate focus, based on the individual needs of children involving the use of listening, observing, and documenting in order to organize learning experiences for children based on both children’s and teachers’ learning interests and investments. The adaptability of our curriculum allows us to accommodate children’s ever changing needs. This means children are taught based on their current pace and potential, and each developmental stage of our curriculum blends perfectly into the next. What is more, it is continually updated and enhanced based on current educational methods. Topics for study are captured from the talk of children. Teachers work together to formulate hypotheses about the possible directions of a project, the materials needed, and possible parent and/or community support and involvement. That is how families know that children are getting an exceptional education regardless of their age.